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Brain Support

Brain Support


Brain Support

Nutritional Support for Neurologic Function◆

Brain Support has been updated with new clinically proven and patented bioactive plant extract ingredients to support the brain and central nervous system including:

• ECGC (green tea extract)—to promote brain health by supporting healthy blood vessels and promoting blood flow to the brain.◆
• BCM-95® Curcugreen®—to promote healthy inflammatory markers with increased bioavailability that produces higher levels of curcuminoids.◆
• Sibelius™ Sage—to promote the formation of primary, secondary, and working memories.◆ 
• Resveratrol—to promote healthy cognitive function with potent antioxidant properties.◆
• Chinese Skullcap Extract—to neutralize the free radicals that may be detrimental to the brain.◆

Clinical evidence and research cited herein shows that the ingredients in Brain Support may:

• Support neurological health◆
• Promote cognitive function◆
• Support powerful antioxidant actions◆
• Support healthy blood and oxygen flow to the brain◆

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