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House Calls


As our patient, you will soon experience what everyone has been talking about...modern medicine in the comfort and convenience of your home. Garcia Family Clinic is a medical practice composed of highly trained and compassionate staff that specialize in treating patients in their home setting.  Our provider and their experienced staff are all available in helping to care for the patients needs.

Garcia Family Clinic provides most levels of medical care, from regular exams to complex treatment plans, all in the comfort of your home. If a patient should need hospitalization, Garcia Family Clinic coordinates the admission process with the hospital of the patient's choice.  Upon discharge, Garcia Family Clinic will coordinated a visit to help transition the patient back in the home.

Our goal is to touch more lives.  Through quality medicine and compassionate serve, our doctor helps ease the burden of those having difficulty going to a doctors office.  Garcia Family Clinic is proud to help patients stay in their homes longer, providing high levels of care, all in the home.

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